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Directly Heated Revolving Cylinder Dryer
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brewery mash Dewaterer
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Cow dung Dewaterer
Fowl dung Dewaterer
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HG Directly Heated Revolving Cylinder Dryer
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1. Scope of application
  The revolving cylinder dewaterer is widely used in food, feed, chemical, mine, and fertilizer making industry and the like. According to requirements of the drying products, different heat sources can be adopted such as directly heated air furnace, indirectly heated air furnace, heat conduction oil, electrical heating, and steam, etc. This machine is applicable to dewatering all kinds of mash and residues with a water content less than 85%, such as brewery mash, alcohol mash, fruit residue, gruffs, saccharified residue, fecula, poultry dung, tailings, etc, and it has a good effects on exploring new feed resource, reducing the raising cost, and lessening environmental pollution.
2.Mechanical Structure and Operating Principle
  The directly heated revolving cylinder dewaterer mainly consists of heat supply source, feeding machine, revolving cylinder, discharging machine, induced-draft fan, tripper, and power distribution cabinet. After entering the dryer, the wet material evenly distributes in the dryer and fully contacts with the hot air when flipped by the lifting plates evenly arranged in the roller, this will quicken the heat transfer and mass transfer. During the drying process, with action of the inclined lifting plate and heat medium, the dried products are discharged from the star-shape discharge valve in another side of the dryer.
3.Main Characteristics
  1.The revolving drum is characterized by a high degree of     mechanization, high production capacity, and continuous running;
  2.Excellent and simple structure, smooth running of the material in     cylinder, convenient operation;
  3.Less breakdown, low maintenance cost and low power loss
  4.Wide application and even drying effect Brewery Mash Dryer
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7.Successful case
  Neijiang Central Xinyun Feed Co., Ltd   Brewery Mash Dryer
  Fujian Putian Xuejin Beer Co.,Ltd.   Brewery Mash Dryer
  Gansu Kangda Feed Co., Ltd.   Brewery Mash Dryer
  Gansu Jingchuan Wangmuquan Beer Co.,Ltd.   Brewery Mash Dryer
  Wuhan East and West Lake Beer Group Co.,Ltd.   Brewery Mash Dryer
  Henan LanPai Liquor Co.,Ltd   Brewery Mash Dryer
  Henan SiLing Beer Co.,Ltd   Brewery Mash Dryer
  Henan Dan Cheng Jinxing Beer Co.,Ltd   Brewery Mash Dryer
  Henan, YueShan Beer Group Co.,Ltd.   Brewery Mash Dryer
  Shaanxi Qingdao (Weinan) Brewery Co.,Ltd.   Brewery Mash Dryer
  Shanxi Hongdong Jinxing Beer Co.,Ltd.   Brewery Mash Dryer
  Shanxi Fenyang Sengli Beer Co.,Ltd.   Brewery Mash Dryer
  Hebei Wuan Mingren Brewery.   Brewery Mash Dryer
  Harbin Huarun Xuehua beer Co., Ltd. Brewery Mash Dryer
  Chong Beer Group of Liupanshui-branch Brewery Mash Dryer
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