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Drying Equipment
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Dewatering Equipment
Screw Extruding Dewaterer
brewery mash Dewaterer
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Cow dung Dewaterer
Fowl dung Dewaterer
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Screw Extruding Dewaterer
   The screw extruding dewaterer is widely used for dewatering high moistu  re residues such as brewers grain, fruit residues and gruff before drying process, which can, by eliminating around 20moisture, relieve the burden of the dryer, largely improve the production, and reduce the energy consumption greatly, it is the necessary processing equipment of high moisture material before drying. And the material after dewatering process can be directly fed into the dryer, and the energy consumption of drying is largely reduced.
  2、Operating Principle
   After the adjustable speed motor comes to normal operation, feed the material evenly via the feeding box, then the fed material moves along the axial direction under pushing of the screw fans, during this process mechanical dewatering occurred for the huge external press force formed with action of the variable pitch of screws and adjustable apron plate. After dehydration, the water is drained out through water outlet via screen mesh, while the material dehydrated is discharged through the discharge box.
  3、Technical process
  4、Technical parameter
Model 250 300 350 400 450 500
Power(kw) 7.5 11 11 15 15 18.5
Speed control(r/mm) 125----------------------------------------1250
Weight(t) 0.75 1.1 1.5 2.0 3.5 5.0
Handling capacity(T/D) 40 70 90 120 160 200
Area(m2) 2.1 2.1 2.1 5.04 5.04 5.04
 5、Successful case
  Yunnan Tonghai Hengji Material Operation Co., Ltd.   Cassava slag Dewaterer
  Gansu Jingchuan Wangmuquan Beer Co.,Ltd.   Brewery Mash Dewaterer
  Gansu Kangda Feed Co., Ltd.   Brewery Mash Dewaterer
  Zhejiang Yinyan Brewery Co., Ltd.   Brewery Mash Dewaterer
  Tieling City lofty drying plant   Brewery Mash Dewaterer
  Hangzhou, HuaRun XueHua beer joint-stock companies   Brewery Mash Dewaterer
  Longxin Industrial(Tailand) Co.,Ltd   Shrimp Dewaterer
  Wuwei Brewery Co., Ltd.   Brewery Mash Dewaterer
  Henan Lanpai Wine Co.,Ltd   Brewery Mash Dewaterer
  Henan Dan Cheng Jinxing Beer Co.,Ltd   Brewery Mash Dewaterer
  Shanxi Hongdong Jinxing Beer Co.,Ltd.   Brewery Mash Dewaterer
  Shanxi Fenyang Sengli Beer Co.,Ltd.   Brewery Mash Dewaterer
  Shandong (RiZhao) QingDao Brewery Co., Ltd.   Brewery Mash Dewaterer
  HarbinHuaRun (Holdings) XueHua beer Co., Ltd.   Brewery Mash Dewaterer
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